There are a lot of things that we can offer our customers. Every customer will have different needs, so it is difficult to put a limit on what we can offer you. Getting in touch with us and talking us through your request is the best way to get a quote. You can do this by visiting our Contact Us page or by simply emailing or calling 07512 546505. Even though we are based in the North East of England, we have worked on projects through the country and continue to do so.

To give you a brief list of some of the things we can do, we’ve summarised this below:

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a great way of attracting attention to your business or organisation. Images and text can generally be quite unappealing to potential customers – but short and to the point videos are proven to be a lot more effective for this. Talk about the services and products you offer, include customer testimonials and sell your business for what it is with a professionally produced video available to put on your website or social media.

Showreel Videos

Showreel videos are similar to promotional videos, but these tend to focus on one person rather than a business. Showreel videos could be used by solo singers, sports personalities, actors, performers, entertainers etc. These videos are great for showing off what you can do. Accompany your CV’s and applications with a video that lets people really see what you have to offer.

Events Coverage Videos

When putting on a big event, having something to show it off to those who could make it is a great way of getting them coming along to the next one. Capturing the atmosphere and all the action is easier said then done – but we always ensure full coverage of your event. Whether you want to share the end product as a DVD to continue bringing in profits, share it online for maximum effect and promotion or to just have something that you can keep to remember – we can do it.

Wedding Videos

Your big day is something that you will always remember – so capturing it all on video for you to really relive the moment is the perfect way to do this. We can produce a video that you can look back upon, share with your friends and family. Seamlessly filming the whole day, you’ll barely notice that we are their, allowing you to enjoy your day without any stress or worry – you can count on Pyro Media to produce a highly professional end product. For an affordable price, it’s a really nice memento to have.

Music Videos

Bands, soloists and musicians really benefit from the availability of music online – whether these be through a music streaming service or through YouTube. But why not have a music video? It is something both musically and visually pleasing for your audience and a good way to really get across the meaning of a song. It also allows gig organisers etc to both hear your music and see how you perform. We can film with you in a studio, on stage and are open to other suggestions. At this time we are unable to provide the recording of audio and we would only be producing the visual elements.

Stage/Musical Productions

We provide filming of stage and musical performances as well as whole theatre productions. We can film your entire performance and produce a video you can place online or share with cast and crew – or even produce a DVD that you can then sell to your audience. We will film, edit and produce the final product. Please note that we do not provide sound and lighting services for your production, though a live feed of your sound will be recorded directly into our cameras from the sound desk, ensuring the highest possible audio quality.


Radio Adverts

Live Streaming


TV Adverts


Social Media Management


Web and Graphics Design